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Crooked Creek Guides & RV Park

Crooked Creek is right in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula. So, we’re going to let you in on a secret. A secret we’ve known forever. The reason we know this secret is because we are right in the heart of it.

And the secret is this… the Kenai Peninsula is where Mother Nature vacations.

What We Offer

Charters & Guides

We have 5 professional guides here at Crooked Creek. All of them with a lifetime of experience fishing, hunting and exploring the back country of Alaska. Each one is eager to share their expertise with you. They know Alaska, and, after spending some quality time with them, in their back yard… you will too. Get to know our guides on the “About” page of our website.

Fishing & Sightseeing

We offer professionally guided charters to fish for halibut, salmon and trout from the beautiful waters on and surrounding the Kenai Peninsula. We also do clamming along the beaches of the Cook Inlet. If your interest is wildlife watching or sightseeing, you’ve come to the right place. Read more about this right here on our website.

Vacation Packages

We offer complete, all inclusive vacation packages for individuals, couples and groups as large as 24. From just one night to an entire summer, we can give you tips, point you in the right direction, and see to your plans. In short, we can keep you busy and help you get the most out of your Alaskan vacation. Check out our “Vacation” page for details.


We have 6 cozy log cabins. Each of our cabins accommodates 4 residents very comfortably. We also have a beautiful 40 space RV Community with full hook-ups, laundry and complete bath house for our motor traveling guests. A well stocked country store and dining room help us complete our lodging accommodations. See them on our “Lodging” page.


We offer a complimentary shuttle service from and to the Kenai airport for our guests and fishing clients as they begin and complete their vacations with us. For those who want to explore the Kenai Peninsula on their own, we offer rental car service right from our lodge. Look at this service carefully on our “Transportation” page. You’ll like it.

Food & Dinning

We feed our guests very well. With our all inclusive vacation packages and our meal plans, we offer family style dining, which includes three meals a day from our kitchen. And there’s never a problem for our guests who must have a midnight snack. We have a well stocked pantry, and our guests have access to it… anytime. Read more about this on our “Food & Dining” page.

The Kenai Peninsula is a 16,000 square mile outdoor playground.

While only one small section of Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula is larger than the state of Rhode Island… and we here at Crooked Creek are right in the heart of it all. Take our word for it. We see her everywhere we look. On the glacier capped Harding Ice Fields and sea life teeming waters of the Kenai Fjords in the east, we see her. In the halibut filled waters of the Cook Inlet on the west…we see her. Atop the Dall Sheep covered mountains in the north and the moose and caribou roaming hills in the south, we see her. Then, there’s her eagles that soar the skies of the Kenai. Did you know she keeps more fish here than any other place on Earth. Why? We know why… because where we are… is Mother Nature’s summer home.

Our Promise

Hey you, the one checking out our website. So, here’s the deal. You should take your time. Don’t just scan it, but study it out carefully, because the more you do, the more you’ll see just how very well we know Alaska, and you’ll see just how perfectly we vacation Alaska. Knowing Alaska and vacationing Alaska, that’s what we do here at…


And, most importantly, we realize that everyone vacations just a little different. We know that each guest’s vision of a perfect vacation is unique to them. That’s why we offer an incredible variety of vacation options, so that you are in control of your vacation and that you can custom create your vacation. In the end, your vacation is yours and…


If you are planning an Alaskan vacation this year, or if your plans are for next year, or even further into the future, it’s all good. Contact us, through our website, by e-mail or phone. We’ll discuss your plans and your vision for the perfect vacation. We’ll point you in the right direction, make suggestions and help you plan the perfect vacation…


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